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London community Laughter Yoga & Wellbeing Club for Laughter Classes and Workshops in London

Google Map of our Laughter Yoga clubs and classes in London

For the most positive start to your weekend, join us at our fabulous Saturday Morning Laughter Yoga Wellbeing and Connection Classes in Archway London.  We also meet in other areas of London from time to time for Mindful Walks and laughing in nature. Some of our favourites are Highgate Wood, River Lee, Hampstead Heath and Embankment Gardens

Our Laughter Clubs and Workshops are a perfect opportunity for members of the public to connect to more laughter in a fun, safe and non judgemental environment.

Our public laughter classes and laughter club are in London, Archway, London N19, Finchley, London N3 and Golders Green, London NW11

Archway Laughter club meets on Saturday mornings

Finchley Laughter Club meets on Monday evenings

Golders Green Laughter Club dates vary for this new evening laughter yoga class

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Laughter Club BookingsAt our Laughter Yoga Club we hold public community laughter classes and laughter wellbeing workshops for individuals to learn how to practice laughter yoga. You will learn how to laugh more and laugh freely and easily.  As adults we often lose our sense of play and the ability to laugh freely. Our workshops help you to tap in to play once more, to smile and laugh wholeheartedly in a fun, safe and non judgemental environment. This may be just what you need to re-connect with more laughter. Sometime life becomes so serious that we actually forget how to laugh and get lost in our intellect or our problems. Laughing is a mindful practice as we are completely focused and in the moment of laughter, away from our thoughts.

Our regulars have found our laughter classes hugely beneficial to their Health, Happiness and wellbeing.

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What is a Laughter Club ?

There are over 10,000 laughter yoga clubs worldwide and this number is growing rapidly. There are Laughter Yoga Clubs in over 70 countries. Our London Laughter club offers regular public laughter yoga classes to individuals in an environment where it is safe, non judgmental and okay to laugh amongst others. It’s Fun and very social, often ending up with a cuppa after the workshop. Laughter Club is an opportunity to bring more laughter in to your life, connect with new friends, helping you to feel great and reap all the therapeutic, psychological and physical benefits that laughter yoga has to offer. If you would like to join our Laughter Club classes in London, subscribe to our Laughter Club mailing list. Our London Laughter club is run fortnightly and sometimes more often, usually on a Saturday morning in London.

Why Laugh ?

Some of the Benefits  

  1. Elevates Mood
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Strengthens the immune system
  4. Relieves Pain
  5. Social Connecter and Team Builder
  6. Helps to improve efficiency and performance.
  7. Energy Boost
  8. Laughing through Challenges. It provides strength in adversity, a coping mechanism to help people keep a positive mental attitude regardless of circumstances.

Read all about it !!! A blog written by Ashleigh who experienced laughter yoga with us for the first time as part of her mission to try something new every week for a year.

If you wish to book a private workshop for your group, business, hen or private party please contact us for a quotation via  We offer discounts to charities!!

We have delivered laughter workshops for global corporate clients, financial institutions, social media campaigns, small, medium and large businesses, television companies, marketing and media, cancer patients, homeless charities, universities, colleges, conferences, charities, birthday and hen parties and so the list goes on. Suitable for any group for team building and connection to stressbusters, to ice breakers. A perfect break to a day of meetings.

For a list of our services and workshops Click here.