Laughter Yoga in the media recent media coverage for Laughter Yoga Wellness London and UK

Laughter Yoga with Lady HaHa on CBS News networks across the USA 31st January 2021

A news feature about laughter yoga around the world during the pandemic featuring laughter in Cairo and the UK.  A great interview with my colleague from Egypt along with a few zoom clips from my classes and trainings here in London UK.  Laughter yoga has been incredible for so many people during the pandemic helping to lift moods, release stress and strengthen immune systems!

MAAG  Festival of Happiness. A day dedicated to Mental Health & Wellbeing for the marketing industry.  I ran a morning laughter yoga energiser and an evening meditation.  On the short clip you can see me for a few seconds at just after 1 minute leading the laughs.

Holloway Express news Journalist Agatha joined us and loved the experience.

In the moment magazine June 2019 issue. Major health and well-being magazine several page feature.  

We are featured in the June Issue


BBC Radio 2 Claudia on Sunday with Claudia Winkleman. Laughter Yoga Wellness UK is given a big thumbs up and a mention on the show.

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Fast forward to 1 hour 1o minutes to listen to Andrew chatting to Claudia about his first ever experience of Laughter Yoga at our World Laughter Day event in London #worldlaughterday .  Andrew loved it so much he is planning to do the laughter yoga leader training with us later this year. I am sure he will be a fabulous laughter leader.  If you keep listening beyond the next song, it looks like the BBC Radio 2 team are coming to try laughter yoga.

Sky New Live! covered our World Laughter Day London event in 2018. I appeared live with a colleague chatting about World Laughter Day and Laughter Yoga.

Nik Sutherland and Odette Kurland on Sky News Live for World Laughter Day London

I can’t find a video link but we have a few photos 🙂

Live on Sky News! They covered Laughter Yoga Wellness London & UK’s World Laughter Day London event. In the photo Odette Kurland aka Lady HaHa and colleague Nik Sutherland. In the background there were around 35 people laughing
World Laughter Day London with Laughter Yoga Wellness London and UK live on Sky News May 6th 2018

Check out our Youtube Channel via

Various videos there of me teaching new leaders and from some of our classes.

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