Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training and Advanced Laughter Training in London and UK Laughter Yoga, It's so much more than, Just a Laugh!!

Laughter Yoga Training and Personal Development Courses online and in-person  with certified laughter yoga teachers and trainers in the UK.  Ideal for individuals and organisations in London, UK and world wide.  We are a official laughter yoga teacher trainers and provider of certified laughter yoga training courses.

In 2020 and due to covid-19 we took our training online on zoom.  We love this way of training and will continue offering online training with an in-person module to learn in-person techniques and games.

Next Laughter Yoga Leader Course starts April 3rd 2022 starts online and finishes in London UK.  Click for info 

Update February 2022 The world has changed and the way we all work has changed.  Even though covid restrictions have eased the majority of our work is still online! Our corporate clients are still working remotely or at lease partially remotely which means when we work with clients online now, some staff are in the office and some are logging in from remote locations. Online is here to stay!! With this in mind our way of training has changed and we now train all our new laughter yoga leaders to work in both types of environments. Our new training schedule is partially online with a final module that is in-person.

We also offer mobile (subject to covid restrictions) and private laughter yoga training. We can come to you wherever you are. Minimum 4 participants for private mobile laughter yoga leader training. Fees will vary according to location, travel expenses, accommodation and number of participants

Please note you do need to have attended laughter yoga classes previously either in person or online before doing the training!  You will need to feel a real connection with the practice. I currently run public zoom classes on Friday evenings 1-2 times per month.  Contact us for details

Our next Fully certified laughter yoga leader training course is taking place April 2022.   This includes the original laughter yoga leader training certification plus our unique (in the UK) experiential module where you will actually  create, plan and lead a live laughter yoga class on zoom.

We have extended the training with 4 extra hours tuition.  We ran this new extended program for the first time in December 2018 and it was the best training experience for new leaders.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training London reviews

In addition to this we are also developing a series of advanced laughter related CPD training days suitable for existing and newly trained laughter yoga leaders.  These standalone training days are the ideal next step from laughter yoga leader training and will really set you off to the next level on your therapeutic laughter journey.

Many of us develop more advanced skills over time as we work with laughter. Our new extended leader course and training days will help to fast track you some of the way with your teacher and trainer.
Register for notification of other training dates via http://eepurl.com/cYLz1n
Advanced Laughter Courses and Support Skills http://eepurl.com/dijXaf
We can run our Laughter Yoga training at your office, workplace or venue. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Minimum number of participants required for private group bookings.
Why train as a Laughter Yoga Leader ?

Perfect addition to any holistic or therapeutic tool box.

Because you like to help people

To bring more laughter and joy in to your own life.

Start a Laughter Club for your local community.

Career change

Personal Development

Building confidence

Learning new skills

Learning to present the laughter yoga experience and enhancing you confidence to speak publicly about laughter yoga

Learning to work with and teach laughter yoga to groups

There are so many reasons and so many benefits in learning to become a laughter yoga leader. Imagine having such a powerful holistic tool to work with which can be life changing for recipients. You can really, seriously make such a difference to the lives of so many people.

After our laughter yoga leader training course you will have the tools and knowledge to start teaching laughter yoga classes and workshops both online and in-person.

The original 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Course we used to teach in London over two days is now spread over several weeks allowing participants to go deeper in the practice, embed what they have learnt and experience their own daily laughter practice whilst still training.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an official certificate certified by Laughter Yoga International University in India. This is an internationally recognised qualification and fully insurable to work professionally as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

You will also receive membership to our Laughter Yoga Wellness Support Network, facebook group for Laughter Facilitators where you can connect with other Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers.

Why Laughter Yoga

It is an incredibly powerful holistic and complementary well-being tool that is so very needed in our often fast paced and stressful lives. As the saying goes “Laughter is the best Medicine” 🙂 and sometimes it really really can be. However laughter does not replace conventional medicine and we always recommend Laughter Yoga as a complementary method. I have heard many instances of people benefiting in amazing ways from practising laughter yoga. Laughter Yogis around the world are increasingly being called to work in therapeutic and medical environments, with cancer patients, dialysis patients, chronic pain clinics, psychiatric wards and other therapeutic settings.


Laughter Benefits

Team Building and Connection

Social Connection

Pain Relief

Ice Breakers

Ideal as an energy lift and boost during a long conference or training day

Please click through to see some of the Health and Wellbeing benefits from Laughter Yoga practice.

How to become a Laughter Yoga Leader

To do List 🙂

Book on Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Find the right teacher, one you can connect and resonate with.

Start a Laughter Club in your local community either on your own or with another newly trained Laughter Buddy.  (When you train with Laughter Yoga Wellness UK, we will help guide you on your journey as a new laughter yoga leader with helpful tips and advice.)

This is where the real work begins as you will learn and gain experience.  Every group is different and there will almost always be something new to learn from your participants.  This is also your playground for playing and testing new exercises, being creative and finding your feet and eventually your own style.  We all bring our own personality and strengths in to our work.  As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” although I would add, you will need to enjoy what you are doing and if you enjoy what you are doing participants will pick up on that. Your enthusiasm and energy and love for what you are doing will shine through and infect those you work with, just like laughter is infectious, so are you 🙂

Join our Support Group.  The Laughter Facilitator Support Network.  This will be an invaluable resource for you and an opportunity to connect with other Laughter Professionals. Gain insights, ideas and Network with other laughter pros. You may find a laughter buddy who lives near to you.

Have Fun Fun Fun and En JOY 🙂

Gain as much experience as you can working with different types of groups and perhaps you will find an area or niche that you wish to specialise in ie: working with cancer patients, corporate wellbeing, elderly, dementia groups, young people or teenagers, schools, colleges and the list goes on. Perhaps you have another passion in your life that you can bring laughter to.

Leading laughter workshops is not for everyone but the two day training will be a wonderful immersion in to laughter and laughter yoga. This in itself may be exactly what you need on a personal level. Often people come along on the training solely to reconnect with laughter and joy, learn new skills and gain confidence.

Enjoy the journey, it is an incredible one as you fully connect with Joy and regular laughter in your life, you may be surprised as this has a ripple effect on all areas of your life and even helping to create more positive relationships with others.

Why Train with Us ?

We love what we do.

We have a new fresh approach to training and are focused on offering the best start to our new leaders.

We joined the Laughter Yoga World because we care about people and making a difference.  We saw laughter as an amazing tool to make a difference to the lives of those we work with.

We really care about You and your laughter journey. We care so much that we started the Laughter facilitator support network as we feel it is really important to not feel alone and to feel fully supported. We will connect you to your new Laughter Family.

Although we have been working with Laughter Yoga for some time, our Laughter Yoga Training Academy was launched in 2017. We bring to the table oodles of enthusiasm, new thinking, new ideas and a modern approach. We want our graduates to have the best possible start. We save you hours upon hours of research as we share our findings with you. The stuff that is not in the manual!

The proof is in the pudding! Our leaders are doing amazingly. Two of our leaders are working with laughter yoga at a chronic pain management clinic. Some of our leaders have added therapeutic laughter techniques to their existing work and others have started laughter yoga classes and clubs. Our laughter yoga leaders have started new classes and laughter clubs in London and beyond. We have recently trained new laughter yogis from Oslow and Sweden.

Laughter Yoga in Europe – Our laughter studio in London is in a perfect location, easily accessible from all major airports including Heathrow, Stanstead, Gatwick, Luton and London City Airport.  There are numerous hotels and hostels to fit every budget very close to our studio. London is a perfect location to come and train wherever you are in Europe or  further afield.  You will receive a manual in English. We may be able to offer you a manual in another language, if there is one in pdf format.

Odette, our Laughter Yoga Teacher has a background in various Holistic Therapies including Laughter Yoga and Energy Healing, Sound Healing and Meditation. Known for her caring nature which includes random acts of kindness and offering a warm heart, a pair of socks and a woolly hat and conversation to homeless people. She works full time running her wellbeing and training company,  Laughter Yoga Wellness London and UK and London Gong. Going further back, Odette worked a 9-5 in I.T so she is a shining example that change is possible.

She has worked with Charities, Community Groups, Banks, NHS, Media Companies and more. From private parties to Small, Medium and Multi National Corporations. Laughter Yoga has been life changing for her and now she wishes to spread the joy by training others to connect with more joy and laughter.

Fully Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader and Gibberish Coach – United Mind

  • Laughter Facilitation Skills – Joe Hoare
  • Laughter Yoga Teachers training – United Mind
  • CPD Laughter Wellness Immersion with Sebastien Gendry
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers Training (endorsed and validated by the Complementary Medical Association) – Dr Itai Ivtzan (Awareness is Freedom)
  • Gong and Sound Therapy – Don Conreaux, Tom Soltron, Abby del Sol, Sheila Whittaker
  • Counselling Skills – Stanmore College
  • Reiki Master , Rahanni Healer,  Spiritual Healer

Feedback comments from October

“Was a brilliant fun filled fabulous course. Thanks sooooo much Odette and Nico!  Very good, very good, yeah!!! ??

Thank you for an amazing course! ?

Deep gratitude…. Thank you for the permission to feel JOY ???

Thank you so much my lovelies <3 Feeling verrrry happy & excited xxxx

I couldn’t sleep after the two days training. It gave me so much energy and enthusiasm. but in the morning, I was still bright as a Laughing Yoga Leader!

What an amazing course!! Big thank you to Odette and Nico ?!!

Check out some of our reviews on facebook which is in addition to the lovely comments we receive in person.

Choosing a Laughter Yoga training provider or teacher

We are a small training provider and we really do go that extra mile for our new leaders.

We bring in guest teachers so that we can offer you even more and encourage collaboration as together we can do so much more.

This is an individual thing really but some important things to note and questions to ask.

It’s good to ask questions. Get on the phone, speak to your trainer.

You cannot go wrong in checking out your teacher, pop along to one of their laughter classes or laughter club to get a sense of who they are, their teaching style and if they resonate with you.  If you are seriously thinking of training I highly recommend you come to one of our classes in Archway, North London.

How big or how small is the class ?

Our classes are kept small and are never overcrowded. We also require a minimum number of participants for the class to go ahead. Laughter is so much more fun with others and we want your training experience to be the best ever providing enough space for individual attention and a good combination of Fun and hard work 🙂

Who will benefit from Laughter Yoga Training

Anyone who is committed to spreading Laughter Yoga will benefit from this training. It may also be of special interest to:

Yoga and fitness teachers, Reiki and Energy Healers, Complementary Therapists, Mindfulness and Meditation teachers, Workshop Leaders and Facilitators, HR  Personnel and management, Training professionals, NHS and Health care professionals, Teachers and sports coaches, Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Chronic Pain Clinics, Entertainment professionals, Senior care workers, Therapists, Life coaches, Alternative therapists, Sales managers, Tourism professionals & tour guides, Actors and Actresses, Team Leaders, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Girl Guide Leaders and the list goes on. Ideal for any group of people really. We all laugh in the same language and we all receive the amazing health benefits.

Contact us by email or give us a call for more information and to register for 2017 dates please pop your email address in to be in the loop!

Laughter Yoga Training Course online with a final module in London April 2022.  Laughter Yoga Leader Training in London with the Laughter Yoga Wellness Training Academy.

We are happy to travel. If you have a group wishing to be trained do give us a call or drop us an email. For private groups (minimum of 4 participants)

Register to be in the loop for future training dates in London and Devon

Click through to register http://eepurl.com/cYLz1n

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