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Laughter Yoga is truly gaining popularity here in the UK with more and more people having heard of it and recognising it as the incredible holistic wellbeing tool that it is. It is not Comedy but the most Fun way I know to de-stress, mood boost and many other health benefits  🙂

Here in the UK we are providing a healthy alternative to the usual Team Building activities and conference and business ice breakers.

We have had some great media coverage in the UK and in the West in recent years.  It was not that many years ago that Meditation was frowned upon and now we fully accept and appreciate Mindfulness meditation as a powerful tool for employee wellbeing, which it is.  This is happening here in the UK right here, right now with Laughter Yoga.  More and more corporations, banks, financial institutions and the list goes on are tapping in to this incredible wellbeing tool. Why ? Because it works.

We now know through various studies that Happiness in the Workplace is really important, We know that happy employees are more productive, in a recent research study, that figure came in at 12% more productive.

In 2017 we delivered two laughter yoga workshops for staff and teachers for Mental Health Awareness Week at the very prestigious Imperial College in London UK. As you can see from their feedback, the health benefits of laughter yoga were recognised and appreciated.

It t was the highlight of our Mental Health Awareness Week programme. Something so different, fun and beneficial to staff stress levels and overall health.

We have a very healthy Laughter Yoga community here in the UK which is growing. An annual Laughter Conference and Laughter Festival and many other events for laughter professionals. We take our profession very seriously and continually access cpd training and programmes.

I look forward to the day when Laughter Yoga is available to all employees in all organisations and available to all students, staff and teachers at schools, colleges and universities.

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss our Laughter Yoga UK and London services for your wellbeing programme. We are based in London and we do cover most of the UK and further afield if asked.








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