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What a fantastic time we had!

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent session and the lightness you brought into our day. We would definitely consider working with you in the future and, needless to say, recommend you to other colleagues.

PS very good, very good, yay!

Bourne Leisure

I had so much fun, I was a little apprehensive to begin with as it was a little weird. But by the end of the session I felt so relaxed and less stressed!

Bourne Leisure

Great session, every day should start with yoga laughter 🙂

Laughter Yoga Leader Training Review

Laughter Yoga Leader Training in London August 2018 with Laughter Yoga Wellness Training Academy London

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Ha Ha All the way joyfullness!
My daughter and I took the ‘laughter yoga leader’ course with Odette in London, Islington. It was the best fun fill two day ever, leaving us on a joyful high! Who knew learning could be such a giggle! Now I am fully prepared to spread the joy of laughter to as many people as I can. Odette is a natural teacher, with a soothing voice, and contagious laugh! I would recommend her course, and I will be doing more with Odette in the near future! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Laughter Class Archway

  • A hugely enjoyable hour and a half. Odette is a great facilitator making everyone feel at ease and completely keen to get involved and lose their inhibitions. I will definitely go again.

Project Wish Community Workshop

Quality of overall service = 10/10

How likely are you to use our services in the future? = 10/10 Definitely!

How likely are you to recommend our services to others? = 10/10 Definitely

My group thoroughly enjoyed the laughter session. Both coaches brought great energy, paired with new and exciting information. We look forward to having more laughs in the future!

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