Creating a new healthy laughter habit for your workplace team the more you do it, the easier it gets

While historically, people have thought that it takes 21 days to create a new habit (or change an existing one), recent claims have pushed that number up to a average of 66 days. In fact, the most recent significant study shows that it can take anywhere between 18 and 254 days to form a new habit, an average of 66 days.  In laughter yoga we have been practicing a 40 day challenge to create a new healthy laughter habit!

The study mentioned above was undertaken by Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre based at UCL Epidemiology and Public Health.

The team has completed a groundbreaking investigation into how people form habits, published last month in the European Journal of Social Psychology. Here Phillippa explains the key factors in creating and breaking habits and how we can help set up for ourselves new patterns of behaviour.

It really is interesting reading!

I encourage all new laughter yoga leaders to participate in what we call the 40 day laughter challenge to help start a new healthy laughter habit which ideally then turns in to an easily accessible daily laughter practice.  When we laugh for just 10-15 minutes daily we gain the best health benefits.  When we create a new healthy laughter habit, we actually enable ourselves to access laughter more easily and freely. It can then become a powerful go-to tool during challenging times.

So a one off laughter session or workshop is great but for longer term health benefits, we really need to make it a daily practice.

We are now offering this service to help our corporate laughter clients and for you and your team to create a new daily laughter habit! Are you in ?  Contact us for details and all from the comfort of your home or office!

We are finding there has never been a more important time than now to bring laughter in to help bring teams together, to motivate, to help release stress, to lift moods and here’s the big one to boost productivity!!! A happy healthy workforce is more productive!

Contact us for details of our laughter sessions online on zoom or the virtual platform of your choice.  Also offering our special monthly laughter booster plans helping your team to a healthy laughter habit!

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